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  • Is there a cost to attend the Webinars?
    No! We offer our weekly Webinars free of charge. We only ask that you register through our website beforehand.
  • How do I register for the Webinars?
    Click the "Registration" button under the Webinar description on the home page. Please note that registration will open on Monday of every week.
  • I registered and attended the previous Webinar. Do I need to register again?
    Yes, we politely ask that you register each week.
  • Okay, I've registered; how do I attend the Webinar?"
    Upon registering for the Webinar, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to use for the Webinar. Simply click the link included on the day and time of the Webinar to join!
  • I missed last week's Webinar. Will there be a recording available for us to review?
    Unfortunately, we will not have recordings available to those that miss the Webinar. We want the focus to be on the conversation, in the moment.

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